What Is the CompactDAQ Sound and Vibration Measurement Bundle?

The CompactDAQ Sound and Vibration Measurement Bundle, based on CompactDAQ hardware, simplifies connecting microphones and accelerometers to a PC. Features include built-in IEPE/ICP excitation to power your sensors and reduce wiring or, disable sensor power and measure ±5 volts.

Benefits of the CompactDAQ Sound and Vibration Measurement Bundle

Get Started Quickly

With up to 24-bit measurements at 51,200 samples/second/channel, connect right into the computer with USB to analyze or log data. Use example code and measurement templates to quickly create your test application with confidence.

Focus on Your Test

Sound and vibration modules are designed with sensor needs in mind. They are ideal for testing motor and bearing health, running order, or spectrum analysis. You can now focus more energy on the results rather than the acquisition.

Measure in Harsh Settings

This set of hardware includes NI’s popular and trusted instruments for sound and vibration measurements. It’s portable and works in harsh environments, withstanding operating temperatures from -40 °C – 70 °C and 50 g of shock.

Customize Your System

From 4 channels to 8 channels, simultaneous or multiplexed sampling, flexibility is key to manage design updates and customer requests. Adapt to changing needs by purchasing other measurement modules to swap or add to your system.

Choose the Best Bundle for Your Application


High Channel Count

cDAQ-SV1100 Bundle (One-slot, ±5 V, 51.2 kS/s, 24-bit, 8 channels)

  • One-slot chassis (cDAQ-9171)
  • One sound and vibration module (NI-9231)
  • Coaxial jack connectivity
  • Multiplexed sampling



Most Popular

cDAQ-SV1101 Bundle (One-slot, ±5 V, 51.2 kS/s/ch, 24-bit, 4 channels)

  • One-slot chassis (cDAQ-9171)
  • One sound and vibration module (NI-9234)
  • BNC connectivity
  • Simultaneous sampling



cDAQ-SV4202 Bundle (Four-slot, ±5 V, 51.2 kS/s/ch, 24-bit, two 4-channel modules)

  • Four-slot chassis (cDAQ-9174)
  • Two sound and vibration modules (NI-9234)

  • BNC connectivity 

  • Simultaneous sampling

  • Two empty slots for other measurement modules


Add or Swap Modules to Your Measurement Test System

Accelerate Sensor Configuration and Logging

FlexLogger™ Software

Engineer using FlexLogger software for temperature measurements

FlexLogger helps you build flexible, scalable data-acquisition systems with NI data acquisition hardware, no programming required. You can use sensor-specific configuration workflows to quickly set up, visualize, and log a mix of synchronized temperature measurements.

Get Started with CompactDAQ and FlexLogger™


Explore our tutorial that shows you how to set up CompactDAQ hardware with FlexLogger, including software installation and activation, as well as connecting and configuring your hardware. Learn how easy it is to pair FlexLogger with your hardware to get faster results.


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