Vehicle Systems Integration Hardware-in-the-Loop Test by ALIARO

As vehicles grow more complicated, systems integration testing, also called “full vehicle” or “network” hardware in-the-loop (HIL), is more important than ever. Rigorous systems integration HIL testing ensures that engine control units (ECUs) across the vehicle—in different systems, developed by different teams—all function correctly and safely together. HIL testing systems must be able to:


  • Scale to high channel counts (thousands of signal paths) across multiple ECUs 

  • Support real and simulated loads and sensors with fault insertion on all signal paths to simultaneously simulate all used ECU physical interfaces

  • Use multi-ECU bus communication and fault insertion to generate all bus traffic normally flowing in a vehicle  

  • Execute dynamic models that simulate the behavior of all connected ECUs and simulated models​

Solution Overview

  • ​The ALIARO xMove Configurator Software for SLSC with TestStand can reconfigure more than 2,000 channels in minutes while storing multiple test system configurations.   

  • Combine the ALIARO SLSC modules, such as the AL-1010 and AL-3011 with the NI PXI platform to expand test coverage and shorten system configuration and test development time.  

  • Built-in VeriStand software to support the inclusion of new and existing models in a HIL test system. 

  • ​The SLSC Fundamental Course shows how to use model integration and real-time model-based control to shorten setup times and simplify standardizing connectivity for HIL test across complex systems.

“The major advantages that made us pick NI and ALIARO were third-party integration of smaller suppliers, time to delivery, price advantage, agile development, and VeriStand. We found VeriStand to be very intuitive and easy to work with. The car project for which the HIL is intended evolved as we created the specs for the HIL, which meant that we could not deliver a full spec order. NI and ALIARO were flexible and preferred communicative delivery.”

Test Coordinator, Major OEM

Overview of Vehicle Systems Integration HIL Test

Do You Want to Test Multiple Domains?

Vehicle systems working together necessitates testing multiple ECUs together to validate a full vehicle and avoid unexpected behaviors. Learn how NI and ALIARO can help you transition to multidomain test easier through reuse, scale, and flexibility.

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ALIARO is an established test solution and HIL provider and NI Partner in Sweden with offices in Sweden, UK, India, China, and the United States. Together with NI, ALIARO designs modular, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions for testing and HIL that enable customers to work with open and changeable devices where rapid changes are allowed.

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