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VeriStand is software for real-time test applications, such as stimulus generation, data acquisition, and calculated channels and custom channel scaling.

VeriStand application software helps you configure I/O channels, data logging, stimulus generation, and host communication for NI real-time hardware. You can also import simulation models and control algorithms, respond to events with configurable alarms, and enable test automation with macro recording, TestStand, .NET, and other software. You can interact with and monitor application data, alarm states, and system execution metrics using a run-time editable user interface. Although you don't need programming knowledge, you can also use a variety of software environments such as LabVIEW, ANSI C/C++, Python, and ASAM XIL to add custom functionality to VeriStand.

Feature Highlights:

  • Test embedded software, including hardware-in the-loop test
  • Validate system integration, including Iron Birds
  • Perform model-based testing of physical systems

Part Number(s): 788373-35WM | 788373-35 | 788367-35WM | 788367-35 | 781067-35 | 781067-35WM

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