Chameleon Data Acquisition Solution by PVI Systems

When implementing automated test for monitoring structural health, including strain, thermal, vibration, and acoustics, or for mixed-sensor applications, engineers need a scalable solution. From benchtop to distributed systems, the ability to use a flexible, configurable DAQ system is critical, but maintaining a custom solution can increase risk and project time. Using the same, simple solution offers customers the ability to:


  • Reduce total cost of test through an out-of-the-box solution
  • Adapt to multiple projects or DAQ needs through an intuitive and reconfigurable system
  • Leverage multiple sensor types to achieve maximum results


Solution Overview

  • Flexible application that allows static and dynamic signal acquisition at multiple sample rates from a variety of sensor types supporting mixed-signal data
  • System expansion up to 1,000 channels while using the same user-friendly software tool
  • Post-test analysis through exportable data in popular file formats
  • One common user experience from small to large applications using NI CompactDAQ or PXI modular hardware
  • Customizable design based on specific customer requirements or capability needs


Chameleon Data Acquisition Solution by PVI Systems

See an overview of Chameleon, a simple, out-of-the-box, intuitive DAQ system with scalability to 1000+ channels offering compatibility with a wide variety of NI controllers and data acquisition modules.

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