3610 V2X Sniffer System by S.E.A.​

To improve road safety and reduce congestion, a vehicle to everything (V2X) communication system must interface and be interoperable with other vehicles, traffic infrastructure such as traffic lights, roadside units, and pedestrian devices. 


Government agencies, automotive OEMs, and suppliers must validate and monitor the V2X signals in the V2X lab and field applications. Monitoring RF situations and packet-based V2X communication in a compact device is required for this task. A solution must also have the following capabilities:


  • Validate the V2X interfaces in all types of vehicles, traffic infrastructure, roadside units, and pedestrian devices.

  • Monitor the V2X transmissions to confirm the devices continue to function properly.

  • Decode V2X signals including basic messages, advanced protocols, and raw wireless signals for C-V2X (LTE-V, PC5) and DSRC (802.11p) concurrently with GPS/GNSS position signals.

  • Record V2X messages captured from these interfaces. 

  • Monitor and provide an overview of RF signal quality in real time to detect interferences and disturbances.

Solution Overview

  • The NI USRP-2974 software defined radio stand-alone device provides a high-performance Windows PC, FPGA, and RF signal support.

  • S.E.A. 3610 V2X Sniffer based on the NI USRP device simultaneously monitors C-V2X and DSRC RF signals, logs C-V2X and DSRC events, and records data in an industry-standard format.

  • An enhanced extension to Wireshark monitors and records packets with the V2X messages, supports advanced protocols such as TZSP, and uniquely provides LTE MAC information (SCI-1) for each message.

  • The same hardware can be used as part of NI + S.E.A. Compact V2X Functional Test System.

OmniAir OQTE LTE-V2X 2021100501
OmniAir OQTE LTE-V2X 2021100501

OmniAir Consortium® has certified the S.E.A.-NI 3610 V2X Sniffer Test System to monitor and decode C-V2X and DSRC signals, making it the first-of-its-kind mobile system to achieve the milestone. The OmniAir Certifications for V2X devices assure automotive OEMs; Tier 1 suppliers; manufacturers of devices, modules, and chips; and deploying agencies that OmniAir-certified devices conform to industry standards and meet minimum performance and interoperability requirements.

“After looking at V2X sniffers during the OmniAir Plugfest, the S.E.A.-NI sniffer is the most capable.”

Technical Lead from an advanced V2X development team

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