NI Restart program

NI is launching the new NI Restart program to support Ukrainian refugees in need of employment in EMEA.

What is the purpose of the program?


NI is opening its EMEA job vacancies to Ukrainian refugees. The NI Restart program includes customized benefits and a special hiring program aimed at making the restart possible and easier.


At NI, we’re committed to taking social responsibility to help and support people in need. The program was created to provide Ukrainian refugees with the support necessary to restart their lives. We’ll do that by providing our resources, infrastructure, and communities, specifically in the fields of recruitment and onboarding, and by offering employment opportunities for those who meet the job requirements. 

What do we offer as part of this program?

The special benefits of the program are in addition to a list of general benefits NI offers to all employees. Benefits may differ by location.

Special benefits include:

  • Free transport from the Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, and Polish borders
  • Accelerated hiring process – maximum two (2) rounds of online interviews
  • Stable, long-term employment – at a company with a proven track record of success for 45+ years
  • Immediate financial security – EUR 500/month during the first three (3) months
  • Six (6) months fully funded private housing for the whole family
  • Assistance with relocation, childcare, and mental health care
  • Language courses provided free of charge – English and destination country’s language

Since the conflict in Ukraine began, the NI community has made donations, volunteered, and collaborated with local and international charity organizations in support of those affected, and we’ll continue to seek ways to help. We believe the NI Restart program can provide immediate assistance that will make a lasting impact. This is a model that we will leverage moving forward for relevant crisis situations to ensure we can act quickly and with meaningful impact.


Program details


Who is eligible?

Any Ukrainian who applies for open positions in EMEA and successfully completes the selection process with a job offer is eligible to participate in the program.


What countries in EMEA are included?

Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, UK, and Armenia


Who did NI partner with on the NI Restart Program?

UNICEF, Migration Aid, Red Cross, Hungarian Baptist Aid, Dorkasz Service – Refugee Mission


Where can you find the job vacancies?

Job openings are listed here.


Do you have questions?

Please contact us at