Corporate Impact

Our 2022 Corporate Impact Update shares our stories of impact along with our measurable results. We invite you to read about our progress and our plans, and to collaborate with us as we Engineer Ambitiously toward a better world.

Engineering Hope: Our 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy

Our 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy outlines 15 ambitious goals for Changing the Faces of Engineering, Building an Equitable and Thriving Society, and Engineering a Healthy Planet.

Changing the Faces of Engineering

We envision a world where the racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender representation of engineers matches that of society. We’ll work toward this vision by increasing the diversity of our own workforce, supporting aspiring engineers, and creating a greater sense of belonging in our industry.


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Diverse Representation and Leadership

Diversity in tech drives innovation at work and equity in our society. We’re working toward ambitious moonshot goals to significantly increase the representation of women and people of color within NI’s workforce and leadership by 2030.

Cultivating Inclusion

At NI, our definition of an inclusive culture is one where all employees feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. We have a dedicated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team and global task forces. Together we cultivate inclusion through employee resource groups, trainings and events, and lots of open dialogue.

Diversifying the STEM Pipeline

The engineering talent pipeline hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. That’s why we’re investing $3.4 million over the next four years in STEM education initiatives serving underrepresented or economically disadvantaged students. And we’ll spend 25 percent of our volunteer hours supporting STEM education initiatives.

Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way provides PreK-12 students and teachers with hands-on, interdisciplinary, STEM-based curriculum that uniquely prepares students to thrive in life beyond the classroom. PLTW uses NI technology in its classes, and now our four-year grant and partnership is helping the organization bring immersive engineering education to more underserved students. 


Code2College is developing a pipeline of diverse tech talent by providing historically excluded high school students with access to three cornerstones of success: technical skills education, STEM industry exposure, and practical experience. In addition to a four-year grant, NI is supporting Code2College through volunteering, workshop hosting, and high school internship opportunities.


NI has extended a six-year commitment to FIRST, an inclusive robotics community that prepares young people for the future. Together we’re making STEM programs even more accessible to girls, students of color, and economically disadvantaged youth. NI is also Lead Sponsor of the new FIRST Virtual Mentor Network.

Building an Equitable and Thriving Society

We envision a thriving society with fewer inequities (economic, racial, gender) and greater wellbeing and prosperity for all. Our work starts within NI, by cultivating an equitable and thriving workplace. We’ll also advance diversity within our own supply chain, which has an economic ripple effect throughout communities. And, by changing the faces of engineering, we will increase access to higher paying technology jobs.

NIer Equity and Wellbeing

Through our NI Thrive program, we’re helping NIers' improve wellbeing in every aspect of their lives: community, emotional, physical, financial, and purpose. To address the financial aspect, we’re also working toward achieving substantial equity in total rewards for all employees in similar roles and levels with comparable performance and impact.

Supplier Diversity

Diverse and equitable procurement has a positive ripple effect throughout our communities. Our goal is that, by 2030, 16 percent of our suppliers will be small and diverse businesses (including those owned by women, people of color, ethnic minorities, veterans, LGBTQ+ individuals, or people with disabilities). Learn more about our supplier requirements.

Thriving Communities

We support economic opportunity initiatives through monetary and product donations and volunteering. NI is launching the new NI Restart Program to support Ukrainian refugees in need of employment in EMEA. We’ve deployed $2.5 million for COVID-19 relief in the communities where we live and work. And we make impact investments in projects such as Austin Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing development.

Engineering a Healthy Planet

We envision a world where all industries and governments work together to protect and repair ecosystems and stabilize our climate by mitigating rising temperatures. We’ll do our part by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and our products and empowering innovators to build new green technologies.

Reducing Our Operational Footprint

Our 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy includes goals to achieve Zero Waste at NI-owned buildings, conserve natural resources, protect biodiversity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and design 100% of our new buildings and remodels to LEED and WELL standards. We have three LEED-certified buildings and two others built to LEED standards. Learn more about how we're conserving resources.

Reducing Product Footprint

We believe the world needs to move to a circular economic model in which we design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems so our planet can stay healthy. We’re committed to making circular design improvements in our product design, manufacturing, and packaging. Learn more about our product life cycle management.

Products for a Healthy Planet

Our products, in the hands of innovators, are one of our greatest assets for driving transformative change for our planet. Through our new product donation program, we’ll discount or donate NI products to financially eligible nonprofit and academic organizations, B Corporations, and social enterprises developing technology that promotes environmental sustainability.

NI named to Newsweek's list of Most Responsible Companies

"This is a recognition of all the hard work we've done to Change the faces of Engineering, Build an Equitable and Thriving Society, and Engineer a Healthy Planet."

-Tabitha Upshaw, Senior Director of Brand, Reputation and Impact, NI

Our 2+1 Giving Pledge

By 2030, we’ll give 2 percent of our annual, pre-tax profits to charitable causes in the form of monetary and product donations or discounts. And each year NIers will spend 1 percent of their work hours volunteering in their communities.


This Giving Pledge doubles our current commitment: For the past 10 years, we’ve taken the Austin Gives pledge to donate 1 percent of our pre-tax earnings to the local community. We also match employees’ donations to eligible nonprofits and encourage them to volunteer for causes they care about, whether that’s through NI’s charitable partners or on their own.

Corporate Giving Guidelines

We form strategic partnerships with community organizations that are advancing STEM education, diversity, and equity in the engineering talent pipeline; social and economic equity initiatives; and the development of green technology.

Product Donation Program

We donate NI products to educators and innovators who are addressing the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Our product grants enable educators to give underrepresented and economically disadvantaged university students hands-on experience with the same tools used by professional engineers and scientists worldwide.

Reporting and Governance

We maintain NI’s culture of honesty and integrity through strong corporate governance standards, clear ethics and compliance policies, and transparent communications with all stakeholders.

Material Issues

In 2020, NI partnered with NSF International to conduct a materiality assessment, which identified the environmental, social and governance issues most material to NI. Its insights guided our development of NI’s 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy and goals.

Related NI Policies

View NI’s policies for upholding integrity, promoting health and safety, and minimizing environmental impact throughout our operations and supply chain.