Committing to Change

NI has extended a six-year commitment to FIRST® , an inclusive robotics community that prepares young people for the future. In addition to large-scale product donations, NI’s continued pledge includes extensive R&D and support time. This generous gift—valued at $2 million per year—represents NI’s longest, most significant up-front contribution to a nonprofit organization.

Through this continued partnership, NI and FIRST® will make STEM programs even more accessible to girls, students of color, and economically disadvantaged youth while promoting skills-based volunteerism. In addition, NI serves as Lead Sponsor of the FIRST® Virtual Mentor Network, a new global platform recently launched this year.

Student volunteer cleans up desert vegetation.

Innovation Meets Action

FIRST® students aren’t just building robots—they’re inventing devices and applications that could have a major impact on our world. Check out some of the greatest innovations developed by FIRST® students over the last decade.

Student prepares FIRST competition project for display.