Reporting and Governance

NI’s commitment to corporate impact is rooted in our dedication to doing the right thing. Our culture of honesty and integrity is one of our most valuable assets, and maintaining it is one of our most important responsibilities. We do this through our strong corporate governance standards, clear policies regarding ethics and compliance, and transparent communications with all stakeholders.

We are committed to measuring and monitoring progress toward our 2030 corporate impact goals and to openly communicating our results, following global best practices and frameworks.

2022 Corporate Impact Reports

2021 Corporate Impact Reports

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Corporate Impact Governance

Corporate impact is part of NI’s 100-year plan. The oversight, management, and implementation of ESG programs and initiatives are structured to ensure these efforts are truly cross-functional and collaborative and are championed by executive leadership. The NI Board of Directors oversees ESG matters through its governance, audit and compensation committees. The executive leadership team generally implements these programs through the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Executive Council, Executive Impact Council, and the management leaders and related working groups.


NI has a dedicated Corporate Impact team and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team. Employees from all business functions across the globe also play an integral role in the pursuit of our Corporate Impact goals.