Archived: Measurement Studio 8.1.1 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.1 to Measurement Studio 8.1.1.

If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes in Measurement Studio 8.1.1

Component Bug ID Fixed Issue
C++ Library 3Y69PEUU Fixed an issue where using the negate operator of CNiVectorT caused a compile error.
42AC6NWN Fixed an issue where the DataSocket underlying library (nids.dll) is not digitally signed on a system with only Visual Studio C++ support installed.
.NET Library 3ZPEQVON Fixed an issue where user received Warning C4945: 'DotfuscatorAttribute' when using Measurement Studio assemblies in Visual C++ .NET Visual Studio 2005.
42H73MI0 Fixed an issue where NationalInstruments.UI.WinForms.ControlBase.ToImage method did not save transparency properly.
44J98100 Fixed an issue where Network Variable leaks memory when reading or writing with NationalInstruments.AnalogWaveform and  NationalInstruments.PrecisionDateTime and NationalInstruments.PrecisionTimeSpan.
42T3JK44 Fixed an issue where the TypeConverter for NationalInstruments.UI.Range does not serialize and deserialize in some cases.
.NET Controls 43GF1QBU Fixed an issue where the tank does not show values smaller than 1E-6.
443C4303 Fixed an issue where the .NET controls leaked memory when a large number of controls were repeatedly created and disposed in a single application.
445B7I03 Fixed an issue where plotting data on a waveform graph is slow when using a large data set.
3HNH6TFD Fixed an issue where the .NET graphs and numeric pointer controls, such as gauge, knob, slide, etc., do not support hexadecimal data types for the axis labels.
40EEOCB1 Fixed an issue where magnitude circle and phase and range annotations were not repositionable.
42H78BI0 Fixed an issue where the cursors did not move interactively on plots outside of the plot area.
42MEIPI0 Fixed an issue where the cursor position is not updated when the cursor is added to the graph after the cursor’s position is set.
41IA4NQ6 Fixed an issue where the ToolstripPropertyEditor control could not be added as an item for the ToolStripDropDownButton through the Designer.
Integration 3W5DITWN Fixed an issue where the Instrument Driver Wizard incorrectly displays an error when specifying a path with Japanese characters in it.
42PEDLBQ Fixed an issue where installing Measurement Studio after NI-SCOPE .NET removes components from the Toolbox.
Help 411D7MVQ Fixed an issue where F1 help is not working for generic classes in the Object Browser.


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