New Features in NI Measurement Studio 2013

Measurement Studio 2013 continues to offer programmers the latest tools for development and visualization with new support for .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Visual Studio 2012. Measurement Studio 2013 integrates into Visual Studio 2012, 2010, and 2008 to provide engineers with a complete suite of tools for building professional engineering applications to acquire, analyze, and display measurement data.

Top New Features


Visual Studio 2012 Support

Easily migrate Measurement Studio .NET applications to Visual Studio 2012 and start taking advantage of the latest Microsoft development platform.

WPF 4.5 UI Controls

Combine WPF 4.5 features with Measurement Studio graphs and charts that are uniquely designed to display engineering data.

New DAQ Support for .NET 4.5

Generate ready-to-run code for .NET 4.5 with the configurable DAQ Assistant featuring a native, object-oriented driver API.

Online Help

Use your favorite online search tool to find Measurement Studio help topics and function references, now located on

Download Measurement Studio 2013

NI Standard Service Program members can download Measurement Studio 2013 now by visiting our product downloads page.

View Information on Legacy Support

Visit the Measurement Studio Legacy Support page.

Maximize Resources With the Measurement Studio Life Cycle Policy

Access guidelines for better understanding and use of your NI product investment through the Measurement Studio Life Cycle Policy.

  MStudio 2013 MStudio 2012 MStudio 2010 MStudio 2009 MStudio 8.6 MStudio 8.5
Microsoft Visual Studio Support
Visual Studio 2012 Support
Visual Studio 2010 Support
Visual Studio 2008 Support
Visual Studio 2005 Support 1
Visual Studio 2003 Support 1 1 1
Visual Studio 6.0 1 1 1
User Interface (UI) Development
Windows and Web Forms Support
Digital Waveform Graph Control
Complex Graph Control
Property Editor Control
Digital Waveform Data Type
Error Bands on Waveform and Scatter Graphs
Complex Graph Cursors and Annotations
Instrument Control Strip Control
Legend Control Scrollbars
Mouse Cursor Customization
64-Bit Support for UI Controls
Automatic Plot Line Color Generation
Intensity Graph Control
UI Control Code Snippets
Date Time Display for Windows & Web Forms Controls
Windows Presentation Foundation Support
Web Development
ASP.NET AJAX Compatibility
AutoRefresh Callback Improvements
64-Bit Support
Analysis and Measurement Libraries
500+ Signal Processing and Generation Functions
Curve Fitting Functions
Linear Algebra Functions
Transform Functions
Analysis Code Snippets
High-Resolution Timing Classes
Various New Analysis Functions
64-Bit Support for All Classes
Various New Analysis Functions
Expanded Tone Information Classes
New Analysis Functions for Complex Datatypes
Network Variable Libraries
Network Variable .NET Class Library
Increased Performance With Network Variables
Explicitly Creating Network Variables
Browsing Network Variables
Network Variable Buffer Flushing
64-Bit Support for Network Variable Libraries
Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) Libraries
TDMS .NET Support
TDM Excel Add-In
64-Bit Support for TDMS Libraries
TDMS 2.0 Support
Hardware Integration
NI-DAQmx .NET Support
NI-VISA .NET Support
Measurement and Automation API Enhancements
NI-SCOPE .NET Driver Support
Memory-Optimized Analog Waveform Read Methods
NI-DAQmx 64-Bit Support
NI-VISA 64-Bit Support
MAX API 64-Bit Support
NI Vision .NET Class Library
NI CompactDAQ Support
Wi-Fi DAQ Support
Improved RF Support

 1Measurement Studio legacy support is available by request to qualifying customers.


Find detailed information on  new features and improvements within each version of Measurement Studio on the Release Notes, Known Issues, and Bug Fix Information page.

For detailed information on support for different versions of Microsoft Windows, visit the Measurement Studio Life Cycle Policy page. 

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