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Achieve high accuracy, high productivity, and higher speeds with the standard for automated test and automated measurement: NI PXI.

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What is PXI?

software-connected pxi testers offer flexibility and scalability

NI PXI systems provide high-performance modular instruments and other I/O modules that feature specialized synchronization and key software features for test and measurement applications from device validation to automated production test. NI is the PXI industry leader, with the broadest array of best-in-class products and services on the market.

close up of ni pxi modules in chassis

More on PXI

software-connected pxi testers offer flexibility and scalability


NI led the creation of the PXI standards body to create an open standard, so you can augment your NI system with specialty modules from up to 60 other vendors.



NI PXI hardware utilizes the latest technology, incorporating powerful multicore processors, FPGAs, and other technology to increase measurement range and performance.



PXI’s architecture makes it possible to synchronize measurements across multiple modules or multiple chassis, so you can add to your systems as requirements change.



PXI offers some of the highest frequency and accuracy specifications, so you can ensure your test systems deliver the production test results you need.

Why Choose PXI?

blowout view of ni pxi chassis

PXI provides the best approach for validation and production test. You can meet requirements for timing, synchronization, and throughput across all instruments.

Best for

  • High-channel-count test applications  

  • Automated manufacturing production test 

  • Device validation 

component view of pxi

PXI System Components

PXI systems are composed of three main hardware components: Chassis, controller, and modules. System software is both reconfigurable and customizable.







pxi chassis are available in various sizes, from 4 to 18 slots

The chassis—the PXI system backbone—is comparable to a desktop PC’s mechanical enclosure and motherboard. It provides power, cooling, and a communication bus to the system, and supports multiple instrumentation modules within the same enclosure. PXI uses commercial PC-based PCI and PCI Express bus technology while combining rugged CompactPCI modular packaging, as well as key timing and synchronization features. Chassis range in size from four to 18 slots to fit the needs of any application, whether you require a portable, benchtop, rack-mount, or embedded system.


integrated pxi controllers contain everything you need to run your pxi system without an external pc

PXI controllers are either integrated or remote. Integrated controllers contain everything you need to run your PXI system without an external PC, while remote controllers let you control your PXI system from desktops, laptops, or server computers.


build testers for automated validation and production test with ni pxi and teststand

Build systems faster with NI’s extensive software portfolio. Take quick interactive measurements with InstrumentStudio™ software, use VeriStand for HIL testers, or build validation and production testers using TestStand test management software and the LabVIEW programming environment. Get the scalability and flexibility you need to build software-connected testers based on PXI that simplify test development and reduce long-term maintenance.


felix ano, calibration technical manager, ni

From the moment you unbox your hardware to deployment and life-cycle maintenance, NI is here to help you get started quickly and operate efficiently.

Overcome your challenges with:

  • Repair Services

  • Life-Cycle Services 

  • Configuration

  • Calibration 

By developing our new FCT system with PXI and LabVIEW, we greatly reduced duplication of engineering effort and can more easily share resources. We successfully applied this solution to our production lines, resulting in stable and reliable PCB testing.

Wei Wang

Honeywell Co. Ltd, China Company

Additional PXI Resources

ni pxi systems are composed of chassis, controller, and modules, which you configure using software

PXI System Resource Kit

This kit includes architectural notes, relevant case studies, and performance metrics to help you learn automated test and measurement PXI system basics.

close up of ni pxi module

Fundamentals of Building a Test System

Often, a PXI system is only one component of a full automated test setup. Learn best practices for building a complete test system from start to finish.