Mentoring Young Minds

The key to engaging students in the classroom is delivering fundamental concepts in an interactive and fun way. When it comes to teaching engineering fundamentals to students, integrating the LEGO® robotics platform into math and science curricula is an effective way to teach programming, computer skills, design and validation concepts, teamwork, and other core engineering concepts.

NI has created robotics mentor programs in several of our worldwide offices. Through these programs, employee mentors work with local schools to implement or support robotics programs in the classroom, starting as early as first grade. NI provides trainings, materials, and weekly mentor support while students get hands-on experience building and programming robots using LabVIEW—the same technology used by engineers and scientists to solve some of the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

Direct Impact

NI is proud to partner with LEGO Education by providing software for the LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3 products. 

Providing software for this platform and the company’s robotics mentoring program is just one way NI helps educators create interactive, hands-on learning experiences that encourage students to become engineers and scientists. NI partners with a variety of organizations, including Project Lead The Way, to bring interactive STEM learning experiences into the classroom.