Activating NI Software Products

Activating your software verifies the licenses associated with your NI account, so you can start using your software immediately. You have different options for activation, based on your software and how it was purchased.


Before You Begin
Download and Install Your Software

You can access your download through the email you or your purchasing agent received or from the software media.


Identity-Based Activation
For Single Seat Licenses
  1. Review your email to access the software claim message that you received from NI.
    • This email might also have been forwarded to you from the person at your company who purchased the software.
  2. Click the ACCEPT ACCESS button in the email.
  3. Log in to your NI User Account to associate the software with your account.
  4. Launch the software you’d like to activate; it will automatically open the Activation Wizard.
  5. Enter your NI User Account credentials and click LOG IN.
    • All your unlicensed software products will be listed in the Activate Software window.


    • If this method isn’t successful, you can use your serial number to activate your software instead. Select ENTER A SERIAL NUMBER in the Activate Software window, enter your serial number for each product, then click ACTIVATE.
    • For offline activation—If you’re activating software on an offline machine, first generate an activation code. After you’ve done so, select ENTER ACTIVATION CODE, enter the activation code you received in your claim email, then click ACTIVATE.
  7. After the licenses associated with your account are successfully verified, click FINISH to complete activation.

    • Your software is now registered to you.
    • If prompted, restart your computer
Other Activation Methods
For Volume Licenses or Enterprise Agreements

In your software is licensed through an agreement, you don’t need to activate it. Instead, point the NI License Manager to a volume license server, and contact your software administrator with any questions.

Software administrators can use the NI Volume License Manager to set up, manage, and troubleshoot volume license agreements.

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For Academic Volume Licenses

Depending on the contract your academic institution purchased from NI, you’ll receive one or more serial numbers, which are used to license and activate your software.

Academic Volume License administrators can centrally manage licenses and deploy NI software to multiple machines.

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