VeriStand and NI Linux Real-Time Version Compatibility


Reference this information to ensure you install the correct NI Linux Real-Time base system image version when preparing an offline installation of VeriStand. 


Note: Using versions of software that NI has not tested together may result in errors or incorrect behavior.


VeriStand and Base System Image Compatibility

base system image is an installation of the minimum amount of software needed to configure, install software to, and successfully use all available features with a Linux Real-Time Controller. This image is required to format and provision most NI real-time controllers to run the NI Linux Real-Time OS. You must update the base system image to install the latest drivers to your NI real-time controller.

Use NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to format any Linux Real-Time compatible controller with the desired base system image. In addition to applying the selected base system image, this operation will remove all user data and software. Follow these step-by-step instructions on the Installing Software on NI Linux Real-Time PXI Controllers page to format your controller and apply a new base system image.

The following table displays which versions of the base system image were used when testing each VeriStand release.

VeriStand Release

Base System Image Version

2020 R6


2020 R5


2020 R4


2020 R3


2020 R2




2019 R3

19.61, 20.01, 20.11, 20.51, 20.61, 20.71, 21.0

2019 R2




1 Linux Real-Time cannot be installed to CompactRIO controllers using opkg with this combination of VeriStand and Base System Image versions. For more information, refer to Online Package Repository and opkg in Installing Software on NI Linux Real-Time PXI Controllers.

Base System Image Versions and Names

The naming policy used to refer to a specific base system image has varied over time. The following table displays the various names that have been used to refer to the same underlying base system image.  


Base System Image Name in MAX

Version on Download Page


Linux RT System Image 21.0

NI Linux RT System Image 21.0


Linux RT System Image 20.7

NI Linux RT System Image 20.71


Linux RT System Image 20.6

NI Linux RT System Image 20.61


Linux RT System Image 20.5

NI Linux RT System Image 20.51


Linux RT System Image for Q2 2020

NI Linux RT System Image 2020.061


Linux RT System Image for Q1 2020

NI Linux RT System Image 2020.031


PXI System Image for Q4 2019

NI Linux RT System Image 2019.121


PXI System Image for Q3 2019

NI Linux RT System Image 2019.091


PXI System Image for Q1 2019

Download unavailable

1 Downloading a previously released base system image from for installation while online requires an active standard service program (SSP) membership. An offline install option is available with or without an SSP membership.