Linux Real-Time PXI Driver and Software Compatibility


Linux Real-Time for PXI is the latest Real-Time Operating System for NI PXI Controllers. With this change, support for many NI software products and drivers has changed. This document details supported drivers and software, caveats, support limitations, and other information on these changes.


NI Hardware and Operating System Compatibility

This page shows operating system compatibility for NI hardware. Reference this information to ensure your selected hardware and driver combination is supported on your desired operating system. 

NI Software and High Level Driver Compatibility for NI Linux Real-Time on PXI

NI Software or DriverSupport Added in VersionFirst Supported LabVIEW Real-Time Version
Automotive Diagnostic Command Set19.02019
ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit19.02019
LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit20192019
NI System Configuration19.02019

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