RF IC Test with STS Course Overview

RF IC Test with STS course will follow the typical customer workflow and milestones, which includes tight interaction with standard STS RF hardware. After completing this course, an RF test developer will be able to use STS RF resources interactively to create, modify, execute, and debug test programs based on RF configurations.


Your purchase of the RF IC Test with STS (.NET/C#) course also provides access to the mmWave Test with STS (.NET/C#) course.

Course Details:

RF IC Test with STS Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics
Introduction to STS RF Subsystem This lesson introduces the STS  RF subsystem, its components, functionality and purpose.
  • Explore the STS RF Subsystem
  • Explore the Vector Signal Transceiver (VST)
  • Investigate the RF Calibration Load Board (RF CLB)
  • Explore the STS RF Debug Panels
  • Overview of the RF DUT
Validating DUT RF Behavior This lesson teaches how to bring up the DUT and implement simple tests.
  • Mapping Measurement Requirements
  • Create an STS Project
  • Device Bring Up
RF System Calibration This lesson explores RF calibration components, teaches how to perform RF system calibration and user-defined calibration, as well as investigate S2P de-embedding.
  • RF Calibration Overview
  • Use Cases for RF System and User-Defined Calibration
  • Create Sweeps for User-Defined RF Calibration
  • De-embedding
Create RF Waveforms This lesson explains how to create RF waveforms using the RFmx Waveform Creator.
  • Use RFmx Waveform Creator


Synchronize Instruments This lesson explains triggering scheme used in the TSM RF Steps.
  • What Is a Trigger Map?
  • Triggering in TSM RF Steps
  • Explore the Trigger Map API
Creating an RF IC Test Program Using Configurable Steps This lesson teaches how to create a test program and understand its structure.
  • Introduction to TSM RF Steps
  • Explore FPGA Servo Parameters
  • Understanding RF Sequence Structure
  • Using STS RF Debug Panels to Monitor and Debug the Test Program
Exploring RF Instrument APIs This lesson explores the code modules of TSM RF steps, teaches how they work and shows the RF Instrument APIs which are used in the RF code module development.
  • Introduction to TSM RF Step Code Modules
  • Explore RFmx API
  • Explore NI-RFPM API
  • Explore NI-RFSG API

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