Measurement Studio 2015 Behavior Changes


This document contains the list of known behavior changes and incompatibilities introduced in Measurement Studio 2015.

Behavior Changes:

  • Measurement Studio no longer ships support for Visual Studio 2008. Refer to for more information on Measurement Studio support for legacy environments and languages.



  • The phosphor effect for graphs now supports multiple color ramps. If you used the PhosphorColorRamp and PhosphorMode dependency properties in a previous version of Measurement Studio, you must change to the new Phosphor.ColorRamp.
  • The graphs now provide control over the area allocated to scales. If you used SuppressScaleLayout to prevent scale resizing, you must change to the new PlotAreaMargin property. You can also use DesiredPlotAreaMargin to read the calculated scale area size.
  • The RegionPanel class has been renamed to RelativePanel.
  • The prototype of the AddUIElement method on the IVectorRenderTarget interface now requires two arguments. You may supply null for the hitTestOwner argument if your existing code uses the one-argument AddUIElement method.


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