Chameleon for CompactDAQ

PVI Systems, Inc.

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Chameleon for CompactDAQ provides a turnkey DAQ application for physical measurements with NI hardware.

Chameleon for CompactDAQ is a software add-on for LabVIEW that helps you perform measurement configurations and acquisitions with NI hardware. This add-on supports mixed sensor types and sample rates using single or multiple time-synchronized chassis. You can acquire and log mixed measurements, including voltage, current, vibration, strain, and temperature. Plus, you can view live data, review logged data, and export data for analysis. With Chameleon for CompactDAQ, you can calculate virtual channels and set up visual, audible, or relay-driven alarms. The add-on supports analog output with multiple channels using predefined or arbitrary waveforms.

Part Number(s): 782797-35

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