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TestStand 2021

Sweep Loop Step Enhancements


TestStand 2021 expands the functionality of the existing Sweep Loop step. These updates include the following changes:


  • Create nested and parallel sweeps of parameters by changing the level of one or more parameters in a Sweep Loop step.
  • TestStand automatically creates a variable when you specify a parameter name.
  • Choose between Static and Dynamic mode to specify whether values for a Strategy are specified using constants or expressions.
  • Use the Table View to interact with values and test vectors resulting from a sweep across selected parameters at edit time and run time. Functionality includes the ability to enable or disable, filter, and export test vectors.
  • At execution time, the Table View displays captured data as well as the parameters in the Sweep Loop step.
  • Import and export parameter and test vector data to or from a CSV file.

TestStand Support Policy

NI knows every product has different requirements for support and longevity and is committed to providing the life-cycle support you need for your application. View the table below to see our product support timeline for TestStand. Review the National Instruments Software Life-Cycle Policy for overall software policy details.

TestStand Life-Cycle Dates

Version Current Release Support (Release Date) Mainstream Support (End Date) Extended Support (End Date)
TestStand 2021 August 2021 August 2025 Ongoing
TestStand 2020
November 2020 November 2024 Ongoing
TestStand 2019
January 2019 January 2023 Ongoing
TestStand 2017 January 2018
January 2022
TestStand 2016 August 2016
August 2020 Ongoing
TestStand 2014 August 2014
August 2018
TestStand 2013 August 2013
August 2017
TestStand 2012 August 2012
August 2016
TestStand 2010 November 2010
November 2014
TestStand 4.2 May 2009
May 2013
TestStand 4.1 May 2008
May 2012
TestStand 4.0 May 2007
May 2011