How Do I Develop Automated Production Test Systems With TestStand?

TestStand is ready-to-run test management software that makes the development of automated production test systems simple with native tools to configure parallel testing, adapters to call test code written in other programming languages, and automatic report generation.

See What You Can Do With TestStand

TestStand is ready-to-run test management software that is designed to help you quickly develop automated test systems. With TestStand, you can build sequences that automate the execution of your test system. To meet all test requirements, you can extend the functionality of your system by calling code written in a variety of programming languages, including G in LabVIEW, C/C++, .NET, and Python. The native report generation capability makes it simple to log and share all test data.


Customize Test Sequences to Meet Every Requirement

Meet the needs of every test by extending the functionality of a test sequence using the built-in adapters in TestStand to call code written in any programming language. You can automate the execution of code modules to interface with DUTs and test equipment.

Automate Saving and Reporting Test Data

Save and share your test data with automatic report generation in TestStand to create files in a variety of industry-standard formats such as ATML, XML, HTML, and text. You can simplify sharing data by logging these test results to your enterprise databases for future analysis.

Increase Test Throughput With Parallel Testing

Reduce test times with native tools in TestStand that simplify the configuration of testing devices in parallel. You can increase test throughput by designing systems to test multiple devices at once or running tests on the same device simultaneously.