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J1939 ECU Properties

Last Modified: July 20, 2020

The following properties are available on the ECU Properties page if the database cluster is configured to use CAN I/O mode with the SAE J1939 application protocol.

  • Name—ECU name. This must be unique within the cluster.
  • Preferred Address—Specifies the preferred J1939 node address to be used when simulating this ECU. The ECU uses this address unconditionally, or tries to claim it on the network if Address Claiming is active. If you assign this ECU to an XNET session, XNET will start the address claiming procedure for this address using the Node Name property and use the address for the session when the address is granted.
  • Node Name—J1939 node name to be used when simulating this ECU. If you assign this ECU to an XNET session, XNET will start the address claiming procedure using this node name and the Preferred Address property.
  • Identity Number—Number assigned to the device by the manufacturer, similar to a serial number.
  • Manufacturer Code—Code assigned by the SAE to the manufacturer of the device.
  • ECU Instance—Code that distinguishes one ECU from another that performs the same function.
  • Industry Group—Code associated with particular industries, such as on-highway equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and so on.
  • Arbitrary Address Capable—Indicates whether the ECU can negotiate for another address if the preferred address is already in use.
  • Reserved
  • Function—Code in the range 128 to 255, assigned according to the Industry Group property.
  • Function Instance—Code that identifies the particular occurrence of a Function on the same Vehicle System on a given network.
  • Vehicle System—Code which, when combined with the value of the Industry Group property, can be correlated to a common name.
  • Vehicle System Instance—Code used to identify a particular occurrence of a particular vehicle system within a connected network.
  • TX Frames—List of transmitted frames.
  • RX Frames—List of frames received.
  • Comment—Note or descriptive text related to this ECU. The comment is used for information only.

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