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Resetting the FieldDAQ to Factory-Default Settings

    Last Modified: August 1, 2019

    To reset your FieldDAQ device to factory-default settings, complete the following steps.

    1. Verify the power source is turned off.
    2. Connect Ethernet port 0 and port 1 with an Ethernet cable.

      Figure 1. Connecting Port 0 and Port 1
    3. Turn on the power source to the device. After about 15 seconds, the STATUS LED blinks red indicating that the device has been restored to factory-default settings.
    4. Reconnect the Ethernet port 0 to the host.
    5. Turn off and then turn on the power source to the device.

    The FieldDAQ device factory-set defaults are listed in the following table.

    Table 1. Device Default Settings
    Attribute Value
    Hostname FD116xx-<serial number>
    IP DHCP or Link Local
    Comment Empty
    Default login User name = admin

    Password = no password required

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