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Creating a VI Source Distribution

    Last Modified: June 10, 2021

    Integrate custom VIs into VeriStand by building a LabVIEW project into a source distribution.

    Use the LabVIEW Application Builder to build a source distribution to call custom VIs in VeriStand. This creates a local copy of the VI dependencies.
    1. Open the LabVIEW project containing the VI in Project Explorer.
    2. Right-click Build Specifications and select New»Source Distribution.
    3. In Source Distribution Properties, set where to build the output.
      1. Under the Category list, click Information.
      2. Enter a Build specification name.
      3. Select the Destination directory.
    4. Include the VI source files.
      1. Under the Category list, click Source Files.
      2. Add the custom VI and any supporting sub-VIs to Always Included.
    5. Specify the output type.
      1. Under the Category list, click Destinations.
      2. Click Add Destination to create a new destination.
      3. Enter a Destination label that matches the VI name.
      4. Set the Destination type as Directory.
    6. Remove additional exclusions.
      1. Under the Category list, click Additional Exclusions.
      2. Disable Exclude file from vi.lib, Exclude files from instr.lib, and Exclude files from user.lib.
    7. Click Build.
    When the build finishes, LabVIEW creates the VI and all necessary dependencies in the destination path. After building the custom VI, add it to the VeriStand project or to the Tools menu.

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