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Setting Model Parameter Values in the Workspace

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Use model calibration controls in the Workspace to view and modify the values for any model parameters in the system definition.

  1. Open the Workspace.
  2. Select Screen»Edit Mode to display the Workspace Controls palette and alignment grid.
  3. Click the Workspace Controls palette.
  4. Select Model Calibration Control.
  5. Choose one of the following control types and drag it onto the alignment grid.

    Glyphs appear next to parameters to indicate whether their status is unlocked ( ) or locked ( ). The glyph appears on a control to indicate when you have made changes to a parameter but not applied them to the system.

    Control Type Description Example
    Medium Control

    Medium controls are the basic numeric controls for modifying a single model parameter value.

    VeriStand applies value changes as soon as you enter them in a medium control

    Array Control

    Array controls help manage the elements of parameters in vector form.

    Click Apply to commit the changes. Click Reset to replace any value changes you have not applied with the current system values.

    List Control

    List controls provide access to multiple parameters. Select the parameters in the Item Properties dialog box for list controls.

    VeriStand applies value changes as soon as you enter them.

  6. Use the Item Properties dialog box to customize the control and click OK.
You can also lock the parameter value.

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