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Model Framework Components

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

The model framework includes files that define properties, identify functions for export, implement an interface, and create interdependent structures.

Use the following table to locate files in the Model Framework to help implement your model code.

File Description Installed location
A header file that includes the following components:
  • Type definitions to define properties—such as inports, outports, parameters, and signals—of your model's outward-facing components.
  • Functions that the VeriStand Model Framework exports to your compiled model.

Implements the common interface between your test application and your model code.


A template for your model code. Use this file to create code that maintains interdependent structures between your model and ni_modelframework.c.


<RootDrive> is the drive where NI software installs and <xxxx> is the VeriStand version number.

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