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FTP Download

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Downloads files from an FTP server, such as a real-time target. .


Some versions of Microsoft Windows block incoming FTP traffic by default. If prompted by the OS, allow VeriStand to use port 21 (FTP) to transfer data.

Property/Section Description
Description Specifies a description for the current item. This text appears when you hover over the item in the Stimulus Profile Editor.
FTP Server
Includes the following properties that configure access to the FTP server:
  • URL—The address of a file or directory on the FTP server.

    The address cannot contain any characters that define the protocol. For example, is a valid address, but is not.

  • Is Folder?—If TRUE, specifies that URL is a folder. If FALSE, specifies that URL is a specific file.
  • Filter—If the path to the files to transfer is a folder, specifies a regular expression to use to filter the files in the folder by filename.

    This step only acts on the files that match the regular expression. The match is not case-sensitive.

  • Username—Specifies the username to use to access the FTP server.
  • Password—Specifies the password for Username.
  • Timeout—Specifies the time in seconds to wait for a response from the FTP server before returning a timeout error.
  • Passive Connection—If TRUE, specifies that this step initiates a connection on the FTP data port. If FALSE, specifies that this step listens for a connection on the FTP server.
  • SSL—If TRUE, specifies that data transmission is encrypted using an SSL protocol.
FTP Transfer
Includes the following properties that configure details of the file transfer:
  • Destination—The destination directory for downloaded files. If you do not specify a destination, this step downloads files to the directory that contains the stimulus profile.
  • Binary—If TRUE, transmits data in binary form. If FALSE, transmits data as text.
  • Behavior—Specifies the action to take if a file of the same name already exists in the Destination directory.
    • Overwrite—Overwrites the existing file. This option does not change the creation date of the file, but it does change the most recent access date.
    • Skip—Skips the file completely and does not include it in the download.
    • Unique—Downloads the file and appends a number to the filename to create a unique name.
  • Buffer Length—The size of the buffer, in bytes, to use for streaming data. The minimum is 2.
Includes the following properties for configuring a proxy server:
  • Enable Proxy—If TRUE, specifies to transmit data through a proxy server.
  • Proxy URL—Specifies the URL of the proxy server.
  • Proxy Username—Specifies the username for the proxy server.
  • Proxy Password—Specifies the password for the Proxy Username.
Includes the following property that configures which port the proxy server uses:
  • Proxy Port—Specifies the port the FTP proxy uses. If Enable Proxy is FALSE, this value is ignored.

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