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Custom Device API Library

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

The Custom Device API library is a LabVIEW library that contains type definitions, template VIs, and the LabVIEW API a custom device needs to interact with VeriStand.

The components of the library allows the custom device to communicate seamlessly in the VeriStand Engine. You can find the library in the labview\vi.lib\NI VeriStand\Custom Device API directory.

The following table displays the template VIs included in the Custom Device API library. You can access most of the VIs in this library from the Custom Device palette and subpalettes in LabVIEW. The connector panes of these VIs are configured to work with VeriStand, and the front panels and block diagrams include documentation to help you configure VIs that fit the needs of your custom device.

If you add any VIs created from the following templates to a custom device project, you must define the item in the Custom Device XML file using valid Custom Device XML tags.

Template VI Usage
Initialization VI Template.vit Initialization VI.
Page Template.vit Main Page VI or additional Page VI.
Asynchronous Custom Device Driver VI Template.vit RT Driver VI for an asynchronous custom device.
Inline Custom Device Driver VI Template (HW Interface).vit RT Driver VI for an Inline Hardware Interface custom device.
Inline Custom Device Driver VI Template (Model Interface).vit RT Driver VI for an Inline Model Interface custom device.
Timing Source Initialization VI Template.vit Timing Source Initialization VI for the Primary Control Loop. For VeriStand to call this VI, you must select the custom device as the Master Custom Device on the Controller configuration page.
RunTimeMenu Custom Item 2 Launch.vit Runs when the user selects a custom shortcut menu item.
RunTimeMenu Custom Population.vit Creates a custom shortcut menu.
RunTimeMenu Dependency.vit Shows, removes, enables, or disables items in a custom shortcut menu.
ActionVIOnCompile Template.vit Runs when an item is compiled.
ActionVIOnDelete Template.vit Runs when a user successfully deletes an item.
ActionVIOnDownload Template.vit Runs when the custom device downloads to the target.
ActionVIOnDeleteRequest Template.vit Runs when a user attempts to delete an item.
ActionVIOnLoad Template.vit Runs when VeriStand loads a system definition containing a custom device in System Explorer.
ActionVIOnPaste Template.vit Runs when a user pastes an item in System Explorer.
ActionVIOnSave Template.vit Runs when a user saves the system definition file.
ActionVIOnShutdown Template.vit Runs when the VeriStand system shuts down.

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