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Calling a Real-Time Sequence from an Expression

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Use expressions to call real-time sequences from within other real-time sequences.

  1. Add a reference to the real-time sequence you want to call.
  2. Enter the sequence alias, which appears to the right of the file name in the References pane, into the Expression component of the Property Browser.
  3. In parentheses following the alias, list each parameter of the sequence. For example, if the alias is Sequence, and the sequence contains the parameters Parameter1 and Parameter2, the expression must contain:
    Sequence(Parameter1, Parameter2)
The process for calling CSV files from an expression is the same as for real-time sequence (.nivsseq) files. You must add a reference to the CSV file, and each channel in the CSV file requires a parameter in the function call.

If you are evaluating a channel in a CSV file for pass/fail requirements, you must list two parameters in the function call, one for the evaluated channel, and one for the channel where you want to store the results.

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