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Update Model Parameters from File Step

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Updates parameter values for a simulation model to the values specified in a text (.txt) file.

Use this step to synchronize parameter value updates with real-time sequences without stopping the execution of a stimulus profile.

Property/Section Description

Specifies the path to the text file that contains the new model parameter values. The source file contains a set of key/value pairs that represent model parameter names and the corresponding values to assign each parameter.

This file must be a .txt file, and must follow the expected model parameter file format.

This step also provides limited support for .m files that follow the exact format generated by the Model Parameter Manager Workspace tool.

Target Specifies the name of the target, as it appears in the system definition file, on which the model executes. This step can only update model parameters on one target at a time.
Description Specifies a description for the current item. This text appears when you hover over the item in the Stimulus Profile Editor.
Advanced Includes the following properties:
  • Alias File—Specifies the path to an alias file to define mappings for aliased parameter names in the source file. Alias files allow you to easily reuse the same source file for multiple models. For example, you can write a source file with parameter names a, b, and c, and then use an alias file to map a, b, and c to parameters in the current model.

    Alias files must be .txt files that use the same Delimiter as the source file.

  • Delimiter—Specifies the delimiter used to separate model parameter names and values in the source file and, if used, parameter aliases and names in the alias file:
    • Tab (Default)
    • Equals
    • Comma
  • Allow Temporary Variables—If True, specifies to allow temporary variables in the source file. For example, the following snippet defines a temporary variable, tempX, and then uses tempX in an expression that defines a model parameter value:
    tempX      0.5
    {parameter}      10 * tempX

    Model parameter names and alias names are case-sensitive. You will not receive error messages for variables that do not map to model parameters. Instead, the step discards the corresponding value when updating model parameters. This step assumes that keys in the source file that do not match a model parameter name or an alias defined in the alias file are temporary variables.

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