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Running a Stimulus Profile

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Compile and run the stimulus profile to see the real-time sequence interact with the Engine Demo.

  1. On the stimulus profile, expand Execution Results. After each step executes, Execution Results displays the name of the step and the result of the step execution.
  2. Click Run to compile all the open and referenced real-time sequence files and run the stimulus profile. You can observe the user interface's graph to see the output change as the real-time sequence executes.

    The Warnings and Errors pane displays any errors, warnings, or messages that you must resolve before the stimulus profile can successfully execute.

    The engine demo will run like in the following image.
When the stimulus profile completes its execution, the ATML Test Report opens. This report displays details about the stimulus profile execution. If you run the stimulus profile again, the previous results are overwritten.

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