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Setting Default Values for Inports

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Change the default value for an inport to prevent your models from using invalid values.

The default value of all inports is 0. Change the default if your model divides by an inport to avoid an invalid operation.

Verify if your system configuration will cause the initial default value to go unused. For example, if the Primary Control Loop execution mode is in Low Latency, the model is assigned to the first execution group, and an inport is mapped to hardware, the inport will always receive its value from hardware.

  1. Launch the VeriStand Editor.
  2. In the Project Files pane, double-click a system definition file (.nivssdf). System Explorer opens.
  3. Click Targets»Controller»Simulation Models»Models in the configuration tree.
  4. Click a model.
  5. Click Inports and click an inport.
  6. On the Inport Configuration page, set the Default Value.
  7. Save the system definition file.

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