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Open VeriStand Project Step

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

Opens the VeriStand project (.nivsprj) file you specify.

A stimulus profile must be associated with an open and deployed project to execute real-time sequences. Use this step to open a project file directly from a stimulus profile. You can then use the Control Active VeriStand Project step to deploy the project.
Property/Section Description
Show Project If TRUE, specifies to display the project in the VeriStand Editor.
Project Path Specifies the path to the project file. This can be an absolute or relative path. Relative paths must be relative to the directory that contains the stimulus profile.
Description Specifies a description for the current item. This text appears when you hover over the item in the Stimulus Profile Editor.
Security Includes the following properties:
  • Username—(Optional) Specifies the username to use to access the project. If the project has only one defined user, such as the Administrator, and that user has no password, you do not need to enter the username.
  • Password—(Optional) Specifies the password associated with the Username. Not all usernames have associated passwords. If a username does have an associated password and you leave this property empty, VeriStand prompts you to enter the password when this step executes.

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