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Custom Device Build Specifications

Last Modified: June 10, 2021

The Build Specifications in a custom device LabVIEW project includes the Configuration and Engine source distributions.

The Configuration source distribution contains the source files that specify the configuration of the custom device when added to a VeriStand system definition. It also defines the user interface for the custom device in System Explorer.

This build specification must include the following items:
  • Initialization VI
  • Main Page VI
  • Custom Device XML file
  • Any additional page VIs
  • Any VIs the custom device configuration calls dynamically

The Engine source distribution contains the source files that configure how the custom device runs on the target. This build specification minimally includes the RT Driver VI. This specification also can include additional driver VIs and a timing source VI.

Both build specifications always include the Custom Device library, even though they do not both include every VI within that library.

Optional Source Distributions

In most cases, the standard Engine source distribution can work for a variety of targets. You can create a separate Engine distribution for each target. For example, your custom device project can contain all of the following source distributions:
  • Configuration
  • Engine (Windows)
  • Engine (Phar Lap)
  • Engine (Linux x64)
  • Engine (Linux ARM)

After you configure the source distributions, you can choose between distributing the source files manually or using the LabVIEW Application Builder to build an installer.

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