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New Features

Last Modified: November 18, 2020

Refer to the following list to learn what's new in VeriStand 2020 R4.

Launching VeriStand Silently

Deploy a system definition without launching the VeriStand Editor or System Explorer using the Windows Run command or from a language of your choice.

Instrument Add-on Custom Device

Use the Instrument Add-on custom device API to create a new instrument from a previously exported configuration. You can also use the API to add messages and to configure the command and response functionality. For more information, refer to the custom device quick start documentation in GitHub.

ASAM XIL Steps for TestStand

Use the <UndeployVeriStandProjectOnDisconnect> tag in the port configuration XML file to specify if VeriStand is undeployed when the Framework is cleaned up.

Alarm Status Channel

Monitor the state of one or more alarms in the VeriStand engine with an alarm status channel. You can use these channels in custom devices and real-time sequences to determine what actions to take when an alarm state changes.

Stopping Groups of Real-Time Sequences with Procedures

Create a procedure to stop a specified group of real-time sequences and skip to their clean-up sections. You can use the procedure to shut down sequences related to a specific device under test (DUT) in a multi-DUT scenario. Use the Stimulus Profile Editor to assign a group to a real-time sequence call step.

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