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VeriStand Licensing Options

Last Modified: August 31, 2020

National Instruments offers a variety of VeriStand licenses for the different ways you can use VeriStand in development and deployment applications.

Licensing Options

Use the following descriptions to determine the VeriStand licensing option that fits your needs.

License Description
Evaluation Mode Software runs as a Full Development system for 7 days. The evaluation period can be extended to 45 days. You can activate a VeriStand license at any point during or after the evaluation period.
Full Development License Enables full VeriStand functionality.
PC Development License Enables you to run simulations on a desktop PC.
Operator License Enables you to configure a project file by determining the preconfigured system definition file that runs on the target and defining the test environment that an operator interacts with.

Refer to for more information about activating VeriStand licenses. Refer to to purchase a VeriStand license. Contact a local National Instruments representative for more information or for questions about specific licensing needs.

Comparing License Option Features

The following table shows the features available with the Full Development, PC Development, Operator, and Model Generation Licenses.

The table does not show the Evaluation Package because it includes the same features as the Full Development License. You must have The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® application software installed to run your uncompiled models.

Component Feature Full Development PC Development Operator
System Explorer window View system definition files as read-only
Create new system definition files
Configure supported NI hardware devices
Configure custom devices
Configure models
Add targets
Add user channels
Add calculated channels
Map channels
Add alarms
Add procedures
Deploy system definition file to a real-time target
Navigation pane of the VeriStand Editor Add standard and custom Tools menu utilities
Configure alarm responses
Add custom files to a project
Export channel resources
Workspace window Create new screen files
Add standard and custom controls and indicators
Reconfigure alarms
Stimulus Profile Editor Create stimulus profiles
Run stimulus profiles
Log data
Models Run compiled models
Generate compiled models

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