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New Features

Last Modified: June 15, 2020

Refer to the following list to learn what's new in VeriStand 2020.

Mapping Diagram

The following tasks can be completed on the Mapping Diagram.

  • Manage Calculated Channels⁠—You can now create, modify, and delete calculated channels from the Mapping Diagram.
  • View unmapped channels and mappings—Use the Mapping Diagram Table View to see unmapped channels and mappings in the system definition. You can filter the table by selecting a node or wire.

Embedded Data Logger Custom Device Available on GitHub

The Embedded Data Logger is now an open-source custom device that installs separately from VeriStand. You can access this custom device from GitHub. The 20.0 version includes the ability to automatically split and archive log files.

Scripting Routing and Faulting Custom Device Elements

Use the LabVIEW API to script Routing and Faulting Custom Device elements and automate fault insertion in VeriStand. The API is supported in LabVIEW 2017 and newer.

Support for DAQmx Waveform Logging

VeriStand now supports DAQmx Waveform Tasks on CompactRIO with DAQmx Controllers. This enables per-slot support with DAQmx, FPGA, XNET, and Scan Engine on supported controllers.

CAN FD Scripting

The VeriStand .NET API now supports scripting CAN ports with CAN FD baud rates and custom bitfields.

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