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New Features

Last Modified: December 13, 2019

Refer to the following list to learn what's new in VeriStand 2019 R3.

Mapping Diagram

The following tasks can be completed on the Mapping Diagram.

  • Add and configure simulation models on the diagram from the palette.
  • Evaluate items, such as channels and mappings, that have been added or removed on the Mapping Diagram. These items are highlighted after completing actions such as swapping a model or altering the system definition.

MathWorks Simulink® Software Model Toolchain Support

VeriStand now supports models from Simulink software versions R2019a and R2019b for Windows and Linux only. VeriStand also supports compiling Simulink models for Windows using a MinGW-w64 compiler.

TDMS File Viewer Support for DIAdem

VeriStand now integrates DIAdem as its default TDMS file viewer.

Routing and Faulting Custom Device

Use the Routing and Faulting Custom Device's switching and fault insertion modules to inject faults.

The Routing and Faulting Custom Device also supports SLSC Switch hardware and additional hardware. The SLSC Switch Custom Device is a VeriStand add-on that supports SLSC routing modules. The following modules are supported:

SLSC Switch routing modules can be found in System Explorer under Targets»Controller»Hardware»SLSC»SLSC Chassis»Modules»Slot (n).

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