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NI Serial Module COM Port Binding

    Last Modified: February 1, 2021

    Configure NI Serial Module COM ports to be consistent with your system design if the System Verification operations reports a COM port number assignment error. Read the following instructions for information on how to correctly assign an NI serial module port number.

    1. Run the NI MAX application as an administrator by right-clicking the application shortcut and selecting Run as Administrator. You must run the application as an administrator to enable COM port number changes.
    2. Select the COM Port you want to update.
    3. Click on the Advanced tab.
    4. Change the COM port binding from the COM Port Number drop-down list.

      When swapping COM port number assignments between two ports, set one of them to an unused port number first to avoid setting two ports to the same port number.


      If you get an error when changing the COM port number, reboot the machine and try again.

    Save changes by clicking File»Save.

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