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AI Sample Clock Signal

    Last Modified: March 12, 2018

    A sample consists of one reading from each channel in the AI task. Sample Clock signals the start of a sample of all analog input channels in the task. Refer to the following figure for sample clock source options.

    Figure 1. AI Sample Clock Timing Options

    The FD-116xx is specifically designed for measuring signals that vary slowly. Because of their slow rate, it is not appropriate for these devices to constrain the AI Sample Clock to operate at or slower than their maximum rate. When using the FD-116xx in the same task as faster devices, the maximum Sample Clock rate can run faster than the maximum rate for the device. When operating at a rate faster than the it can support, the FD-116xx returns the same point repeatedly, until a new conversion completes. In a hardware-timed task, the first point is acquired when the task is committed. The second point is acquired after the start trigger as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 2. Sample Clock Timing Example

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