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Query Alarms

Last Modified: November 14, 2019

Searches the server for alarm instances that match the filter.


SystemLink Cloud does not support this VI.

HTTP configuration

HTTP connection to the server.

If you leave this input unwired, this VI uses the default connection and automatically retrieves your SystemLink Server credentials when you execute the application on a managed system or on the server.


Properties and values used to find and return matching alarm instances.

Wire Create Alarm Query Filter to this input.

retrieve transitions?

Boolean that determines whether to obtain the transition history of an alarm.

The default is False.

only most recent?

Boolean that determines whether the server should return only the most recent instance of each alarm id.

order of results

Order in which the results are sorted based on the updated at field of an alarm instance.

The default value is ascending order.
Name Description
Ascending Sorts the alarm instances returned in least to greatest order.
Descending Sorts the alarm instances returned in greatest to least order.

error in

Error conditions that occur before this VI runs. The VI responds to this input according to standard error behavior.


Number of alarm instances to skip on the server.

The default value is 0.


Number of alarm instances requested from the server.

If you leave skip and take empty, the query returns the first 1,000 results by default.


Alarm instances matching the filter returned from the server.

total count

Total number of alarm instances matching the filter before taking skip and take into account on the server.

error out

Error information. This VI produces this output according to standard error behavior.

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