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Open Configuration (API Key)

Last Modified: November 14, 2019

Initializes an HTTP connection for SystemLink data services to communicate with SystemLink Cloud using an API key for authentication. The VI authenticates the connection with an API key obtained from SystemLink Cloud.

verify server?

A Boolean that determines whether this VI will verify the connection is secured by a valid certificate. The default value is True.

This input also allows local connections over HTTP in addition to HTTPS connections.

server url

URL of the server where this VI sends the web request. If you If you leave server url unwired, this VI uses http://localhost:80 as the default URL.

The following table describes how to use the proper URL syntax for the server url input.
Part Definition Example
Scheme Protocol the web service uses. http://
Host Domain name or IP address of the service. localhost
Port HTTP port of the web service. If you don't specify a port, the web service uses the default port. 80

Use the following syntax to prompt a connection to the SystemLink Cloud:

api key

Unique passcode the VI uses to authenticate communication between the application and SystemLink Cloud. To connect to SystemLink Cloud from LabVIEW, obtain an API key.

error in

Error conditions that occur before this VI runs. The VI responds to this input according to standard error behavior.

ca certificate file

File path to where a custom or private CA certificate (.cer) is located on the system. The CA certificate authenticates a secure sockets layer to communicate data between your application and the server. If you leave this input unwired, the VI uses the system defaults, which includes public CA certificates.

HTTP configuration out

HTTP connection to the server.

error out

Error information. This VI produces this output according to standard error behavior.

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