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Communicating Data with Tags

Last Modified: June 22, 2021

Communicate and manage data from your test and measurement systems with tags. Tags in SystemLink transmit and store slow-moving measurement data like system status or health. Use tags to track measurements, monitor system health, create alarms, and visualize data on dashboards.

You can create and configure tag data manually or automatically. Use the following table to determine how to create tags to obtain and manage data.
Goal Task
Transfer data from my systems to SystemLink Server with LabVIEW or LabVIEW NXG applications. Learn how to send and receive tags from a programming environment installed on your client system to SystemLink Server.
  • Create a tag to test dashboard visualization or alarm rules.
  • Quickly add custom metadata, such as keywords or properties, to a tag.
Create or modify a tag in Tag Viewer.
Create and configure a tag using one of the Tag APIs. Refer to the API Reference documentation to choose which Tag API you want to use.
Verify my test and measurement system is transferring accurate data to SystemLink Server. Use Tag Viewer to confirm SystemLink Server is collecting tag data as expected.
Create tags for Analysis Automation or Data Preparation Use the SystemLink Tag API in DIAdem to create and use tags in an analysis automation procedure or data preparation procedure.

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