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Unblocking Data Sources for Analysis Automation Tasks

Last Modified: April 1, 2021

Unblock data sources to make them available for an Analysis Automation instance. Analysis automation instance tasks can use all available DataFinder instances as data sources. When you create a task, you select the data source for the analysis.


SystemLink does not support the file service as a data source for triggered tasks.

  1. In Analysis Automation, click Instance on the dashboard.
  2. Click Data Sources and select the type of data source.
  3. Select a data source with the status Data source blocked and select »Unblock to unblock the data source for tasks.
  4. Optional: Select a data source with the status Unblocked and select »Block to block the data source for tasks. The Analysis automation instance cannot analyze data from blocked data sources.
  5. Select »Reassign Connected Tasks to reassign the tasks of a data source to a renamed data source.

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