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Software Overview

    Last Modified: June 30, 2021

    The server subsystem hosts the Static Test Software, which is responsible for acquiring, logging, and sending test data to analysts and operators monitoring the test.

    The following figure depicts the software architecture of the server subsystem when used with a RAID drive.

    Figure 1. Static Test Software Architecture

    The Static Structural Test Reference Architecture uses the following major software components.

    • FlexLogger—Configures the test and instrumentation, logs data, visualizes channels, and sets events. FlexLogger allows you to import sensor configurations and provides an environment to manage and analyze test data during the test process.
    • Static Data Viewer—Provides multiple test analysts a concurrent, personalized view into subsets of the test. Analysts can view test system health and live data of selected channels whenever an acquisition is active. The Static Data Viewer is a web-based application that enables numerous analysts to annotate log files and configure and set alarms on specific channels. The Static Data Viewer is accessible by any remote system with a web browser and access to the application.
    • NI Web Server—Delivers the Static Data Viewer web application to remote analyst stations and responds to HTTP requests from the Static Data Viewer.
    • File Explorer—Manages the log files created by FlexLogger. Use File Explorer to browse, move, and archive the test data.
    • SystemLink—Provides communication between FlexLogger and the Static Data Viewer.

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