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    Last Modified: February 23, 2017

    PXI Express (x1) Chassis Expansion Module

    • Develop multichassis PXI Express systems interfaced to the same system computer
    • Create star, tree, or daisy-chain configurations
    • Connect up to 8 PXI Express chassis to the same system computer
    • System computer (for the master chassis) can be an NI embedded controller or a PC
    • Software-transparent link that requires no programming
    • Cabling up to 7 m with rugged screw-in connectors

    National Instruments provides several chassis expansion MXI products, including the PXIe-8364, that you can use to create multichassis PXI systems that interface to the same system computer. The system computer in the master PXI chassis can be either an NI embedded controller or a PC connected via an NI remote controller.

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