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Adding an FPGA Target

    Last Modified: October 11, 2017

    Complete the following steps to add an FPGA target to your project. If you plan to do all programming in the Scan Interface, you do not need to add an FPGA target to your project.
    1. Right-click the chassis item in the Project Explorer window and select New»FPGA Target from the shortcut menu.
    2. If the Deploy CompactRIO Chassis Settings? dialog box appears, click Deploy Later to return to the project. LabVIEW adds an FPGA target item for the chassis to the project and puts the system into LabVIEW FPGA Interface mode.

    The following table shows the FPGA target LabVIEW displays in the project.

    Target Icon Device Description
    FPGA LabVIEW adds this FPGA target to a project for the FPGA on a CompactRIO chassis, Ethernet RIO chassis, MXIe-RIO chassis, or Single-Board RIO device in the FGPA Interface.

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