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Warning 19206: Top-Level and SubVI In Different Destinations

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

The deployment includes sequence files that reference the following code module VIs as top-level VIs and as subVIs, and the VIs are configured to deploy in two different base directories. This situation can cause a load failure if the TestStand execution loads one of these VI as a subVI before you load the VI as a top-level VI.

Why does this warning occur?

The VIs specified in the message are top-level files in the distribution, and are also called by other top-level files which are configured to deploy to different base destinations. In this case, Package Builder creates a copy of the file in each target root directory where it is included. When running the sequence file, Loading a subVI before loading the top-level file can cause a VI load failure.

How do I resolve this warning?

For each referenced VI, determine whether the VI must be distributed to different target root directories. If no reason exists to distribute the VI in different target root directories, ensure that the VI itself and any VIs which reference it are included in the same target root directories in the output pane. If you do need to distribute the VIs in different target root directories, create a new wrapper for the VI, then replace the instance where the VI is called as a top-level file in the sequences or workspace with the wrapper VI instead.

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