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Error -16521: Invalid Build Specification in TestStand Module Override Settings

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

The build specification '[Packed project library filename]' defined in the TestStand Override Module Dialog was not found in the source LabVIEW project '[LabVIEW Project filename]' .

Why does this error occur?

A build specification name is referenced by one or more TestStand steps in the TestStand Override Module Dialog, but does not exist on disk. The file must exist on disk in order to build the deployment

How do I resolve this error?

Open the specified step in TestStand Sequence Editor and verify all fields are valid. Rebuild the packed project library using the 'Build Packed Project Library' button in the Override Modules dialog in TestStand. If you enable the 'Automatically Build packed project libraries at the Start of Execution' setting in the Advanced tab of the LabVIEW adapter settings in TestStand, you can run your sequence to ensure that all packed project libraries are rebuilt. A corresponding warning message contains information about the calling step.

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