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Error -16520: Required Support Package Not Installed.

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Package Builder support for building TestStand packages that include LabVIEW files require installing '[Required Package Name]' version [Required Package Version] or later.

Why does this error occur?

In order to use Package Builder TestStand features for building packages containing LabVIEW files, you must install the TestStand Support package corresponding to the current version of TestStand. Refer to the details of this message to see which package is required.

How do I resolve this error?

You must install the corresponding support package for supported versions of TestStand. If you are connected to the Internet, you can use NI Package Manager to add support packages by navigating to the 'Installed' tab in NI Package Manager and selecting the 'NI Package Builder' package. On the right side of the package item, click the gear button to launch the 'Install Related Packages' dialog. In this dialog, ensure that the package specified in the error message is selected, then proceed with the installation. If your system in not connected to the Internet, you can uninstall, then reinstall NI Package Builder, selecting the required support packages for TestStand when prompted.

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